February 24, 2012

Sole Mates: Custom Ballet Flats

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This Spring I'm on the hunt for the perfect ballet flat in a myriad of colors.  Sadly, my last pair, which was the perfect shell pink, only made it a few months since I wore them into the ground.  Of course, I've been researching my options and have become enamored with Repetto.  They offer custom made flats that allow you to not only choose the color of the slipper, but the contrasting grosgrain ribbon and laces.  Once you've constructed your personalized shoe they're shipped off to Repetto's workshop in Saint-Médard-d'Excideui (that would be France) and 3 weeks later you're presented with the finest ballet flat.  Now, the caveat is that this service is only offered in their Rue de la Paix store in Paris and starts around 280 euros.  So to convert it to USD if I carry the 1 that would mean it's....expensive.  Customization aside, these ballet flats might still have to be a Spring purchase.

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  1. I am so in love with these ballet flats but they are, sadly, totally out of my price range!
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