March 31, 2011

message in a bottle

{glass bottle necklace}
A ridiculously clever and campy necklace that features a personalized message inside.  Or, if you're not one with words you can chose from one of their standard notes with my favorite being "help...I'm out of rum."  Although, if I were to personalize it the message would read "help...I"m out of pinot grigio" which would most likely be a true statement and I would be panic stricken as well.

March 30, 2011

lady in red

My latest purchase from Topshop in order to introduce some color into my wardrobe {see here}.  Although I'm pretty much covered in the cherry red department I couldn't resist these chiffon bow sandals, which would be the perfect pairing to this lace dress that I am absolutely lusting after.

March 29, 2011

good things come in small packages



Never could I live without a bottomless slouchy tote in which I lug around my entire life and would be utterly lost without.  However, the current trend is placing an emphasis on downsizing with a simple understated pouch that moonlights as one's carryall.  Oh-so-chic wedged underneath the arm of an editor of the glossies I'm still somewhat skeptical of it's practicality.  Of course I would don this look for a night out or quick jaunt running errands, but it would force me to only take along the necessities.  Although after rummaging through my bag and finding a pair of socks, a wine opener (how did that get in there?) and several forks (weird) this might be something I should look into.

March 28, 2011

concert series


{1. Lace off the shoulder top, 2. shredded denim shorts, 3. vintage bucket bag, 4. lace up sandals, 5, straw fedora, 6. pendant necklace}

Sadly, I won't have the opportunity to cavort alongside Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson in the desert of Indio, California for Coachella coming up next month (I'm really busy) I've decided to come up with my own music festival appropriate ensemble.  Of course the look would consist of the requisite denim shorts an airy off the shoulder top and a straw fedora (also noted as a staple), piles of jewelry and lace up leather sandals.  I am however, going to keep this look in my back pocket seeing as how there's always Lollapalooza.     

March 21, 2011

arm candy



One of my favorite past times is hunting for new bling mainly because you don't have to face your greatest fears in the dressing room with pasty white skin, bad lighting and the very obvious fact that that gym membership has not been used in quite some time.  Although I have a fairly substantial collection since I'm not always willing for my self-esteem to take a hit I've definitely been inspired by the recent onslaught of fashion week attendees.  Numerous people were sporting clusters of quirky baubles and rather expensive pieces in their effort to create a high/low look and many a celeb, model, editor, etc were donning the highly coveted "grown-up" friendship bracelet.  Above, are some pieces I'm thinking of investing in.

March 14, 2011

into the blue

I was actually getting my life together today and organizing my closet when my somewhat anal retentive self began hanging clothes from darkest to lightest (within their corresponding categories of course).  2 Diet Cokes and a bit of perspiration later I realized that I had done just what I sought out to accomplish, but noticed that my "colors" ranged from the darkest shade of cream to the lightest.  A few random pieces of black and red (if I was looking to get crazy) hung intermittently in between.  I realized that although I might preach about color it is completely void in my wardrobe.  I mainly shy away from color and stick to the basics, but I've now become bored with the same old formula.  So now I am fully concentrating on introducing some pop colors into my life and thought I might start with the ultramarine and cerulean blues that are so abundant in the market.  This is really uncharted territory because my closet has never seen the cool end of the spectrum since elementary school when I was dressed in every color of the rainbow.  Wish me luck.  

March 8, 2011

garden party

{images via Kelsey Genna}

19 year-old design phenom, Kelsey Genna is a New Zealand native who just recently launched her own label upon graduating.  I can barely tie my own shoelaces in the morning let alone successfully run my own handmade line, which is why I'm absolutely in awe of her unapologetically flirty and feminine pieces.  Better yet, she also offers a sample sale exclusive to etsy so the pieces you covet can be a little more wallet friendly.

March 6, 2011

going to great lengths



{1. FreePeople pleated maxi skirt, 2. image via Fashion Cappuccino, 3. asymmetric strapless dress, 4. strapless dress with skirt drape 5. tank maxi dress }

I have to admit that I first resisted the onslaught of floor skimming dresses and skirts.  My motto had always been "the shorter, the better" which was especially evident when my horrified mother discovered that I had cut another 2 inches off of my already too short denim mini skirt in high school.  Alas, I have become wiser and somewhat more conservative over the years, or so I would like to think, and now fully embrace the look.  The maxi skirts and dresses above are fantastically ethereal confections of silk and chiffon and of course, I had to throw in the Mara Hoffman tribal print for fun.     

March 2, 2011

color blocking


{image via Urban Outfitters}

After perusing the Urban Outfitters March Catalog I've definitely taken a liking to their color blocked frocks and kicky (strange, I've never used that adjective before and not too sure if it even is one) little tops with shocks of lemon and red.  Most of the looks also have added elements such as exposed zippers and double straps to take it up a notch.  And for most of the items falling under the $50 range you can definitely afford to scoop up a few pieces for Spring & Summer.
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