January 31, 2011

earning your stripes

stripe duvet cover
I'm embarrassed to say that a duvet cover on our bed has been nonexistent since my boyfriend and I have moved in together.  Apparently, my floral and overtly girly Shabby Chic number didn't make the cut so ever since then we have lived with a bland and boring white down comforter.  However, today I stopped into West Elm and stumbled upon the perfect bedding that didn't jeopardize my boyfriend's masculinity and made me a happy camper as well.  To top it all off the store is having a promotion where all bedding is 20% off until the 7th.    Also, since the duvet boasts such bold, neutral stripes this will allow me to get away with pops of saturated color elsewhere in the room (this would include pink, but my boyfriend doesn't need to know that at this point).

January 27, 2011

Fancy Pants: Colored Denim

image scanned from Elle
I've always been a fan of colored denim with it's ability to put an unexpected, campy twist on an otherwise classic staple.  However, an example of going too far in this area is when you're 18 years-old and think it's cool to buy pale pink, flared cords and wear them around campus your freshman year while still trying to establish your reputation amongst popped collar, Lilly Pulitzer clad peers.  That was a mistake.  Anywho, with the advent of Spring we'll be seeing bubble-gum hued skinnies that are best paired with men's shirting and nautical stripes for a fresh, preppy vibe.  

January 18, 2011

Look for Less

Tie-neck blouse

Tiny dots ribbon blouse
I've been obsessed with Emersonmade's tiny dots ribbon blouse since it first debuted, but just couldn't seem to justify a $128 price tag.  Lo and behold I ran into Gap the other day to find a similar version that just happened to be on sale for $34.50.  Granted, my blouse might be slightly more akin to a boozy 70s lounge singer, but will still have the same effect tucked into dark denim as the one I'm coveting from Emersonmade.

January 17, 2011

New York, New York

I was completely under siege last week at work and threw posting to the wayside, but now that there's a moment to breathe I intend to get back into it full force.  This weekend I'm headed to New York to celebrate one of my best friend's birthdays and of course a fabulous soiree is part of the celebration.  I would be an absolute liar if I didn't admit that I meticulously plot out my outfits for any event such as this and quite possibly do dry runs around my apartment in full-on dress (forget I wrote that).  Granted, it's only Monday so I very well could change my mind, but at the moment I will be donning my h&m frock from last Spring's Garden Collection along with my Pour la Victoire wedges (a fantastic Home Goods score).  For a little bit (or a lot) of bling I'm throwing on my House of Harlow and Kate Spade bangles.  Although only 4 are pictured here I might just see how many more I can get away with.

January 11, 2011

London Calling

Mega-retailer, Topshop has posted a behind-the-scenes video of their S/S 11 shoot providing just a hint of what to expect in the coming weeks.  The collection boasts anywhere from heavy fringe and feminine florals to channel the 70s to varsity inspired graphics and collegiate prep that are reminiscent of the 50s.

January 10, 2011

EmersonMade Spring Preview

images via EmersonMade
I may have mentioned this before, but I have an unhealthy obsession with all things EmersonMade.  Her blog has been providing little sneak peaks of her Spring Preview line, which has finally arrived!  I love the simple aesthetic and clean lines of her pieces - especially that black & cream linen tuxedo jacket, which just might be finding a home among my wardrobe.

January 6, 2011

office space

Mary McDonald

Jenna Lyon's Office

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Kate Spade London Pop-up Shop

With the onslaught of the new year and the several resolutions I have every intention of keeping (not really) I thought I might as well make a go of at least one of them, which is revamping my little home office space.  With the goals of wanting to make it both aesthetically pleasing as well as organized (Jenna Lyon's office does not apply to the latter) I've been looking at the spaces above for inspiration.  A photo of my finished project to come soon!   


January 5, 2011

holy shift!

Michael Kors

Calvin Klein
Fresh off the season with a persistent post-holiday hangover and expanded waistline I couldn't be more enthusiastic about runway and retailers resort and spring preview collections.  Actually, no I'm dreading it after seeing the absurdly toned and tanned Chanel waifs strutting the runway in nothing but gingham bikinis and a smirk.  Thankfully, I befriended the shift years ago after being so impressed with it's ability to conceal your shape by portraying it's own hard edged a-line silhouette.  As luck would have it a slew of shifts plagued runway collections that embodied pop colors and the new minimalism so abundant amongst pre-spring collections - a triple threat!  Although hard to imagine with several inches of snow on the ground this style will definitely become my warm weather staple. 

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