December 30, 2010

a new year

American Ballet Theatre

Gold Fringe Wall

Ashley Meaders via Designsponge

Elle Russia
It's been about 2 years since I've celebrated a "proper" new years meaning that I used to spend the evening at some overrated and overpopulated venue downtown when I lived in New York.  Clad in a too short Alice + Olivia dress and towering heels my friends and I used to dance the night away barely pausing to take notice of the broadcast of the ball dropping just blocks north of us.  Although I may have traded the city for the mountains out west and sequined frocks for a Patagonia I still think of New Year's Eve as glamourous and fantastical (yes, I still buy into the hype, but I don't care).  Regardless of your plans for the night I'm wishing everyone a happy new year a day early as I'll be too busy embarassing myself tomorrow on the slopes to post.  Hope it's a good one!  

December 29, 2010

this sounds familiar

Olivia Palermo for Spanish Vogue
So the premise of this reality show is to follow a twenty-something woman as she galavants around New York City trying to launch her own clothing line while simultaneously seeking love and juggling strained relationships.  It's called The City.  Oh wait no, it's Olivia Palermo's new reality show - I got confused for a second with another ill-fated series spearheaded by Whitney Port.  I must admit that I do love Miss Palermo's eclectic style, but without the lovably abrasive Kelly Cutrone to make anything interesting I might have to pass on this one.

December 28, 2010

cold weather essentials

cold weather essentials

cold weather essentials by klatch520 featuring cable knit sweaters

As I was sitting in the middle of my bedroom surrounded by clothes and attempting to prep for our Colorado trip I had an epiphany.  Instead of struggling with what to wear for our apres ski activities (my actual snowboarding attire is already covered) I'm going to stick with a no-fail uniform:  fleece-lined leggings (I hate pants and these are surprisingly warm) and chunky oversized sweaters that are long enough to cover my bum (a must).  All I have to do is top it off with some waterproof boots, which will most likely be my Hunters, but I couldn't resist these little duck boots from Lands End, slouchy boot socks and a military-inspired parka.  Done and done.   

December 24, 2010

happy holidays!

Steamboat Springs, CO

Of course I'm more than excited for the holiday festivities this weekend, but I also can't wait for the bf and I to head to Steamboat, CO next week where we'll ring in the new year.   The days will consist of skiing and snowboarding and then of course apres-ski activities such as bloody mary's at Slopeside at the base of the mountain.  Until then, I'm off to spend time with the family.  Have a great holiday weekend! 

December 23, 2010

not wanting to keep up with the kardashians

Kardashion christmas card
Now, I usually am a fan of the Kardashian clan, but after seeing this Christmas card it definitely serves as a strike against them.  Little Kylie looks about 35 years-old while Bruce looks like he doesn't want to be there and EVERYONE looks photoshopped within an inch of their lives - including Khloe although, I have to admit she looks fantastic.

December 22, 2010

candy-colored christmas

images via Lonnymag

When thinking of the traditional holiday color palette cerulean blue and salmon pinks don't usually come to mind.  Departing from the stereotypical reds and greens designer, Eileen Kathryn Boyd fused the holidays with her current home decor.  I absolutely love the color story that she's working with as well as her absurdly large Helen Frankenthaler print.  I definitely intend of finding a cheap version for my living room!   

December 20, 2010

bow ties: borrowed from the boys

images via MTV

Alexa Chung
The bow tie in all it's forms whether it be channeling Sinatra or Colonel Sanders is seeing a reincarnation in the fashion world.  I never thought this day would come, but I find myself a fan of our little angst-ridden Miley's ensemble.  The bow tie on this D&G frock isn't too gimicky and adds a faint touch of quirkiness and androgyny.  Alexa Chung proves that when donning a bow tie it can serve as an unexpected accessory to an otherwise overtly feminine outfit.     

December 17, 2010

to the max

images via Nastygal
Maxi trend: Love it or hate it?  I'm still on the fence, but the impeccable styling of these Nastygal ensembles might make me a believer.

December 15, 2010

pretty in pink

Inspiration board

Gwyneth in pink Prada

Pink lips at DVF

cashmere cardigan

Dree Hemingway
 According to the Pantone Color Institute Honeysuckle Pink also known by it's less glamorous moniker of 18-2120 has been named Color of the Year 2011.  Didn't think that existed huh?  Well, it does and this punch-colored hue is the green light that you don't have to resort to wintry neutrals all season.  So as not to be head to toe in monochromatic Honeysuckle pair your look with dusty peach and deep maroon along with rust colors to add contrast to your look.

December 14, 2010

etsy eye candy

images via irenesuchocki
I'm usually a screen prints and pop art with cheeky little sayings kind of girl, but these whimsical prints from a Montreal-based photographer are absolutely stunning.  They remind me of my first Parisienne experience when I was 16 and engaged in a 3 week love affair with one too many pain au chocolate, which resulted in a horrifying weight gain, but that's neither here nor there.  Available via her Etsy shop irenesuchocki, these 8x10 photographs hover around the $30 mark - perfect as framed gifts for your art-appreciating friends.

December 13, 2010

n.e.e.t magazine

image via sfgirlbybay
I just recently stumbled across N.E.E.T a free, online publication and am in absolute awe.  It touts itself as a bible for the grassroots, independant, DIY, eco-friendly audience in the areas of fashion and design (quite the run-on sentence, I know).  I literally spent hours navigating the website because it boasts such incredible eye candy as well as an impressive repository of resources with the majority being vintage finds and underground labels.  Highly addictive!

December 7, 2010

velvet goldmine

Alexa Chung in her Madewell velvet short creation

Velvet zippered pants

Velvet Blazer

Leighton Meester in Versus

Silk velvet skirt
This controversial fabric tends to get a bad wrap based on the fact that it can conjure up images of The Real Housewives of Orange County-inspired track suits (sorry, Juicy Couture).  However, this holiday season velvet is being seen in rich, sophisticated silohuettes that are perfect for the holiday soiree season. 

December 5, 2010

holiday gift guide under $50

Tray for the hostess

coasters for the neat freak
2011 desk calender for your anal retentive friend

whiskey stones for your favorite lush

OK, so I have to be honest - I dislike Christmas.  I mean don't get me wrong, I like the whole idea of Christmas, but this whole gift-giving thing puts me on edge.  Maybe that's why I like Halloween so much because there are basically 2 clearly defined objectives: number 1 is buying candy for kids that you don't know and number 2 is either making or purchasing a costume that either reflects our society at the time (i.e. Snooki) or being a sexy (insert occupation or animal here).  With Christmas there are just way too many variables that exist.  For example, how can I buy my mom an unbelievable and truly original gift in order to surpass my sister's gift to her, and at the same time buy my sister a gift that puts her gift to me to shame while executing this all under a reasonable budget.  It's so exhausting.  So with that being said, I've scoped out a few presents that all fall within the $50 price range.  Of course, this is the tip of the iceberg, but my whole new approach to Christmas shopping is to buy a ridiculous amount of presents for cheap that way you can afford to give people multiple gifts and they're bound to eventually like something you give them!  I think this makes perfect sense.  Happy holiday hunting!  

December 2, 2010

you got it, dude

images via Olsens Anonymous

A little vintage Olsen oufit inspiration for your Thursday morning.  Enjoy!  

December 1, 2010

self loathing in columbus, oh

via Huffington Post
Yes, I watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night.  After seeing photos of the event storm the web after it's live taping the actual show did not disappoint with it's glitz, glamour and fantastically absurd get-ups, which seem to be getting more bizarre year after year by the way.  More importantly though, this show serves as an annual assessment of  life changes that I've been meaning to get around to, which includes investing in a personal trainer and spray tanning on a regular basis so as to appear as if I have a consistent healthy glow.  I did however, do several aggressive lunges while brushing my teeth this morning and was a little heavy-handed with the bronzer in an attempt to make some strides in my life.  Oh well, baby steps.

November 29, 2010

heavy metal

Daria Werbowy via Fashion Gone Rogue

heavy metal

heavy metal by klatch520

Whenever I go out I never leave the house without a thick cluster of bracelets layered on one arm.  I definitely don't operate on the old adage that less is more, but that less is well, boring.  The gritty baubles above are certainly statement making pieces and since they're all within the mixed metals family you can get away with piling them on.  

November 23, 2010

baking boot camp

via Patent and the Pantry
I am by no means a culinary craftsman in the kitchen and generally leave the food fare up to the bf while I multi-task with a glass of pinot grigio in one hand and pre-dinner chips and salsa in the other.  However, I have been gradually navigating my way around recipes of the confectionary kind as my intro into cooking/baking and stumbled upon this little pumpkin cupcake number.  Since the thought of making an actual pie gives me anxiety I definitely intend to start out with this fairly reasonable recipe, and then of course, be showered with compliments and praise by my relatives at Thanksgiving. 

November 22, 2010

Manimal Moccasins

suede double fringe bootie in black

suede applique bootie

In the wake of the navajo trend I've been craving a pair of moccasin booties to update my Minnetonka flats from college that have seen better days.  Instead of reverting back to the usual suspects I started exploring other brands that might be off the beaten path, and that's when I came upon Manimal - and almost fell out of my seat after viewing their assortment.  Honestly, their pieces are absolutely amazing and authentic, and you can rest assured that not everyone and their brother will be sporting these fringed kicks.    

November 17, 2010

the urban turban

Elle Brazil 2010 via Fashion Gone Rogue
Sex and the City 2 via The New York Times
Jason Wu S/S 2011 via The New York Times

Like it or not, the turban is back as evidenced by runway and editorial exposure, celebrities, tutorials running rampant in the blogosphere and GASP! The New York Times.  Game over. 
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