January 11, 2013

Celebrity Style: Katie Holmes

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I thought it only fitting to highlight Katie Holmes recent style seeing as how she is a fellow Toledo, Ohioan and since I've religiously followed her since her days on the Creek.  Once Katie had her big break several years ago it was published in our local newspaper where she had practiced her acting chops.  Needless to say, I immediately hightailed it to that acting school (along with every other child in Northwest Ohio) in order to eventually be discovered and placed in some sort of similar teenage-angst ridden drama.  I had dreams of filming on location in some obscure town in North Carolina preferably near the Dawson's Creek set so that Joshua Jackson, of then, Mighty Ducks fame, and I would meet and fall in love and I would be featured on the cover of J.Crew.  It seemed so simple and all within reach.  Long story short, my acting coach told me that I lacked "depth" and that she really didn't see a future for me.  Sadly, I gave up my dreams of acting and returned to being a mediocre soccer player and French Club Secretary where I would later be impeached, but that's a story for another time.

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